Type: 1160


~ 25 mm
Typ 1160 von E-T-A: Thermischer Kfz-Sicherungsautomat.

Thermal circuit breaker, with controlled self-resetting mechanism, specially suited to installation in inaccessible locations. Under overload conditions the circuit breaker contacts will open to protect the load circuit. A low current excitation circuit ensures that the contacts remain open thereby avoiding the hazards of automatic reset operation. The circuit breaker is reset by switching off the supply circuit for a short period. Class 2 device, contacts stay open until voltage is removed.

Type II to SAE J 553.

Voltage rating
  • DC 12 V
Current ratings from 12 A until 30 A  
Number of poles single pole
Mounting method socket
Terminal design blade terminals
Actuation without actuation
Auxiliary contacts without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection without water splash protection
Illumination without illumination
Typical life 300 operations at 2 x IN
Interrupting capacity Icn 200 A, L/R = 2.5 ms


  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Lighting technology

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