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Reliable components and intelligent systems for the use in city and school buses

Circuit protection and relays for reliable and efficient on-board electrical systems

Uptime, reliability and vehicle safety requirements are constantly increasing in transit and school buses. At the same time, electrification of drive train systems requirements are continuing to evolve. Electric mobility, new fuel efficiency standards and bus connectivity & digitization continue to drive innovation.

Your passengers rely on you to arrive on time

E-T-A's resettable automotive circuit breakers replace ATO® and MINI® blade-type fuses, allowing technicians to reduce the amount of time for trouble-shooting and avoid unnecessary vehicle downtimes.

Industry Leader in Transit and School bus Power Protection

E-T-A is the industry leader in power management design for both School and Transit bus. E-T-A innovations include standard Din-Rail, socket mount and smart PC based designs. We are the experts in power management and protection for the bus industry. Virtually all of the OEM's work with E-T-A for components and custom power management systems.

Compact, robust and energy-efficient

Limited installation space, reliability expectations and minimum energy requirements determine our customers’ designs. Our electro-mechanical power relays were designed specifically with this in mind and are tested in accordance with ISO 16750.

Increase Equipment Reliability with Compact & Robust IP6K9K/IP67 Power Relays

E-T-A power relays are ideal for switching high current loads up to 300 amps as well as battery management in transit & school buses. The power relays are made with high-end and corrosion-proof materials, making them extremely robust and able to withstand environmental factors like shock, vibration, water and dust. The compact design and low weight enables flexible installation in demanding applications.

And, as a designer you are facing continuous pressures to design more competitive transit & school buses all while reducing cost. Installing E-T-A’s power relays into your 12/24 VDC electrical system can help you:

  • Extend vehicle lifespan - > 250,000 cycles and corrosion proof materials helps increase the lifespan and reliability your equipment.
  • Enhance design flexibility - Standard and alternative mounting possibilities & IP6K9K/IP67 rating allow you to install the relay where it works best in your design - even in the harshest environments.
  • Save space & reduce vehicle weight - the MPR20 is more compact and weighs 50% less the standard relays on the market today.

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Featured Products:

  • Circuit Breakers

    Circuit Breakers


    Miniaturised thermal automotive circuit breaker
    with colour-coded manual release

    Typ 1610-21 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Kfz-Sicherungsautomat in sehr schmaler Bauform.


    Automotive thermal circuit breaker,
    colour-coded housing,
    standard fuseblock mounting

    Typ 1620 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Sicherungsautomat in Mini-Bauform, der speziell für den Kfz-Bereich geeignet ist.


    Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications

    Typ 1626 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Sicherungsautomat in Mini-Bauform, der speziell für den Kfz-Bereich geeignet ist.


    Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications

    Typ 127 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Schutzschalter mit verschiedenen Befestigungsarten.


    Thermal circuit breaker
    with manual release button,
    plug-in or snap in panel mounting

  • Power Relays

    Power Relays


    Monostable electro-mechanical power relay with power-saving electronic control circuitry


    Mechanical Power Relays. Bistable electro-mechanical power relay, also suitable for 48V applications


    Hybrid power relay consisting of a bistable electro-mechanical switching system and integral electronic control unit

    Typ EPR10 von E-T-A: Das elektronisches Power Relais EPR10 ist ein Halbleiterrelais für hohe Dauerströme.


    Solid state power relay in a flat design with optional overcurrent detection and disconnection

  • Solid State Relays

    Solid State Relays

    Typ ESR10 Micro 10 A / 17 A / 30 A von E-T-A: Halbleiterrelais für DC 12 V bzw. DC 24 V Fahrzeuganwendungen.


    Electronic standard relays type ESR10 Micro


    ETR10 the Electronic Timer Relay

  • Smart Control Systems

    Smart Control Systems


    Intelligent power distribution system with CAN connection comprehensive diagnostic functions

Understanding Requirements for the Next Generation On-Board Electrical Systems

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