Lighting Technology

Circuit breakers replace fuses to keep the show going

Don't let the lights go off during the next performance

This is just a nightmare on stage: Suddenly all the lights go out. This sudden inturruption will undoubtly ruin any performance, concert or show. The root cause of the trouble might be a single blown blade fuse. The responsible technician on site probably has a number of replacement fuses on hand, but will he have the correct current rating? 

Circuit breakers for all your lighting applications

Unique solutions are provided by E-T-A to serve the needs of the Track Lighting, Electronic Scoreboards, Current Limiters and Theatre/Stage lighting marketplace.

Featured Products:

Typ 1115 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Reset-Schutzschalter in platzsparender Bauweise.


Single pole thermal reset circuit breaker

Typ 1110 von E-T-A: Kombination Schutzschalter/Ein-Aus-Schalter mit Druck/Druck-Be­tä­­tigung oder nur Rückstellung.


Push-push thermal switch/circuit breaker combination, single pole


Magnetic and Hydraulic-Magnetic Circuit Breaker 8350

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