SCS® Smart Control Systems: Intelligent Power Distribution System for On and Off Road Vehicles

The demand for smarter, technology based vehicles continues to increase the number of loads to monitor and protect within the power architecture.

The SCS200 is a compact pcb-based intelligent power distribution system in an IP67 enclosure, allowing decentralized control and monitoring of loads via the CAN bus. The plug-and-play solution will help you reduce space and wiring time. Diagnostic capabilities (load current, voltage, load protection, status and configurable current rating and delay on/off)  integral CAN connection increase reliability and facilitate connectivity at the same time.

Typical Applications:

  • Agriculture & Forestry Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Special Vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Buses

SCS® Intelligent power distribution:


Intelligent power distribution system with CAN connection comprehensive diagnostic functions

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