Custom Power Solution Capabilities

Power solutions begin with an understanding of the customer’s requirements. From concept to production, E-T-A is equipped with the expertise and tools necessary to develop, produce, and test power solutions that meet and exceed the specifications of the customer’s application. Each project is managed through our ISO certified product development process to ensure the highest level of quality through all stages of the design cycle. With a comprehensive design team and vast design capabilities available E-T-A power solutions are comprised of three major disciplines:

Mechanical Design

E-T-A uses professional 3D CAD software to provide complex and efficient housing design, connection technology, cable management, busbar design, and power circuit protection design and switching. Computational Flow Dynamic (CFD) software is used to analyze designs that may be deployed in harsh environments to ensure extended life of the product and quality.

Hardware Design

Utilizing the latest state of the art technology, E-T-A provides printed circuit board design and layout, user interfaces, and various processes for connecting components on the printed circuit board such as Press-fit technology, THT soldering (selective or wave soldering), and SMT soldering. 

Software Design

Smart distribution requires a complex software layer for monitoring and control. E-T-A uses operating systems such as Linux and programming languages Python, C++, etc. to design effective networks for the monitoring and control layer. CAN bus, PROFINET, Modbus, Ethernet/IP, ELBUS are several communication standards that E-T-A designs into our products.

Custom Power Management System Portfolio:

12/24V power solution with on-board Electronic Diagnostic System (EDS) and CANbus communication for switching and monitoring.

12/24V Main Battery Disconnect Module with voltage monitoring and CANbus communication.

What our customers say

"The MCM-USV successfully completed its first truly unmanned testing. E-T-A’s products have been instrumental in getting us to this point. They offered us cost effective solutions and have proven to be very reliable.”

- Electrical Engineer, Unmanned Systems

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