High Performance Circuit Breakers

Typical Applications of High Performance Circuit Breakers and Battery Isolation Switches.

High performance circuit breakers are ideally suited to protect against overcurrent and short circuit for use in aircraft and vehicles and other specialised equipment where safety is paramount.  Battery isolation switches are ideally suited for installation in the main battery systems of heavy duty vehicles including tankers, boats, off-road plant and other battery-powered equipment. 


High performance circuit breakers feature thermal or thermal-magnetic trip and an extremely high rupture capacity. Battery isolation switches are also based on a thermal-magnetic trip mechanism. The thermal part of the circuit breaker provides delayed protection in the event of overload, the magnetic part disconnects the faulty circuit in the event of overload or short circuit within milliseconds.

Customized High Performance Circuit Breakers such as SG, AP or CBM types are available on request. All products of this group provide genuine physical contact isolation.