Power relays


Power relays are reliable problem solvers when it comes to switching high currents. Particularly construction machinery, agricultural vehicles as well as buses and trucks, floor-borne vehicles and other special vehicles (e.g. fire brigades) often have connected large electrical loads. In these applications, power relays disconnect the entire on-board electrical system from the battery.

Technical design

Depending on the application, E-T-A offers purely electro-mechanical relays, solid state relays and also a hybrid design consisting of an electro-mechanical switching system with an intelligent electronic control unit.

Typ EPR10 von E-T-A: Das elektronisches Power Relais EPR10 ist ein Halbleiterrelais für hohe Dauerströme.


Solid state power relay in a flat design with optional overcurrent detection and disconnection


Hybrid power relay consisting of a bistable electro-mechanical switching system and integral electronic control unit


Mechanical Power Relays. Bistable electro-mechanical power relay, also suitable for 48V applications


Monostable electro-mechanical power relay with power-saving electronic control circuitry

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Increase Equipment Reliability with Compact & Robust IP6K9K/IP67 Power Relays

E-T-A power relays are ideal for switching high current loads up to 300 amps as well as battery management in buses, trucks, construction machinery, agricultural vehicles and forestry equipment and specialty vehicles.

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