US Patent Numbers

E-T-A SeriesPatent Number
X3120-UUS 5,834,996
4130US 6,040,747
X8340-SUS 6,191,948 B1
1610-H2US 6,590,489 B1
X3140-UUS 6,714,396 B2
ESS/ESXUS 6,490,141 B2
4120-G4 and 9510 (Threadneck)US 6,509,823 B2
9510US 7,038,562 B1
X8345-RUS 7,532,095 B2
Circuit breaker in parallel to POWER-MOSFET (included in P-PLEX-M)US 7,633,022 B2
4220 ModularityUS 8,098,119 B2
4220 Release MechanismUS 7,978,033 B2
4220 Quenching ChamberUS 7,834,290 B2
AFD01 (*)US 7,834,614 B2
ESX-T/ESX-T-P/ESS31-TUS 8,237,311 B2
1620/1626US 8,576,042,B2
Fail-Safe-Element of PVDIS/PVREM/PVSECUS 8,766,760 B2

Status: 2014-10-20|'(*) The AFD01 can be deleted, if not listed in the catalogue.

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