High performance circuit breakers and simulator switches.

High Performance Circuit Breakers & Simulator Switches

No other industry has as strict safety requirements than the aerospace industry. In the air, it is of utmost importance that all loads and components are undeniably protected, even under the harshest environmental conditions. 

A pioneer in the aerospace industry

E-T-A offers devices for use in the Flight Simulation business that directly emulates the operation of the actual circuit breakers in Aircraft. The 9510 is known industry wide to be the most reliable and lowest power consuming device on the market.

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Reliability - even under the harshest conditions

Temperature compensation and explosion-proof designs allow E-T-A high performance circuit breakers to be installed in all areas of an aircraft.

Meet all relevant aerospace standards

E-T-A offers superior quality high performance circuit breakers that meet all relevant aerospace standards.  E-T-A products must pass heavy duty approval tests. Even at very high temperatures and extreme vibrations, these breakers trip reliably and minimize the risk of catastrophic thermal events.