Commercial Food Preparation

Circuit breaker/switch combinations act as ON/OFF switches - IP65 rated circuit breakers

You can't stop dinner service to replace a fuse

Frenzied activity breaks out in a commercial kitchen when an appliance switches off automatically and cannot be reset immediately. If a blown fuse is the reason, it has to be replaced by a new one immediately. But what to do, if a suitable replacement fuse is not readily available? 

Complete range of circuit protection to meet all of your applications

E-T-A circuit breakers relaibly protect commercial food equipment in the event of an overload against damage caused by overheating. The 3120 circuit breaker/switch combination provides both rocker actuator and single or double push button solutions as well as IP65 version  for the harsh applications needed in the commercial food marketplace.

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The advantage of circuit breakers over fuses

Unlike fuses,  a circuit breaker can be reset immediately in the event of an overload which increases kitchen output and reduces stess in commercial kitchens.

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Provides protection for all commercial food equipment

E-T-A provides solutions for commercial food equipment applications including deep fryers, conveyor ovens, meat slicers,coffee grinders and beverage dispensers where safe reliable trip-free protection is needed.

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