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Protection and power distribution solutions, compliant with the relevant standards, for Industry 4.0 and IoT

Electronic overcurrent protection for selective protection of DC 24 V and DC 48 V switch mode power supplies

Control voltage in the voltage rating range of DC 24 V or DC 48 V continues to be on the rise. Control systems, sensors, actuators, safety and drive engineering systems are powered with DC 24 V. Power supply units and the DC overcurrent protection form the core of any automation solution and ensure trouble-free machine operation.

More and more frequently, smart communication-capable systems are used for protection. They make monitoring and remote maintenance of the control voltage level easier.

E-T-A engages in an intensive dialogue with international machine and panel builders and offers a suitable all-round protection solution.

Featured Products

Typ 1180 von E-T-A: Einpoliger, thermischer Schutzschalter in Kleinbauweise mit wahlweise Schalterfunktion (Druck-Druck-Betätigung).


Thermal circuit breaker, plug-in type,
single pole, switching function optional


Single pole and multipole thermal-magnetic miniature circuit breakers (MCBs) in accordance with EN 60947-2, UL 1077 and UL 489

Typ REX12-T von E-T-A: Der Sicherungsautomat REX12-T bietet selektiven Überstomschutz.


Electronic circuit breaker, REX12-T, DC 24 V, rail mounting, fixed current ratings, no. of channels 1/2


Electronic circuit breaker, REX12D-T, DC 24 V, rail mounting, fixed and variable current ratings, no. of channels 1/2, IO link, Modbus-RTU

Unrivalled machine uptime

The E-T-A portfolio offers tailor-made solutions for your DC 24 V protection with electronic overcurrent protection and communication via IO link. Our circuit protectors offer superior quality in connection with smart communication and allow complete transparency of the DC 24 V power supply.

Remote diagnosis as well as quick trouble-shooting and remedy supply the necessary information at an early stage which is required for a stable production process and increase machine uptime significantly.

50% space and time savings

E-T-A systems for overcurrent protection solutions feature an extremely compact and flexible design. The modules are only 12.5mm wide and allow modular, no-tool and time-saving wiring and adjustment of your DC 24 V protection. Adjustable versions offer additional space savings in your inventory.

Individual global applications

E-T-A offers a wide range of overcurrent protection devices with approvals for the international market. Besides the approvals to UL508, UL1077, UL2367, UL1310 and NEC Class2, these units exclusively meet the requirements of cable protection to EN60204-1.

Together with you, we plan a protection solution that is customised to your requirements – anywhere in the world.


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