Professional Tools

Circuit breakers with tease-free and trip-free mechanism and zero voltage release modules.

Reduce downtime with more reliable and durable tools

Short design cycles and lead times are common in trade industries today. Downtimes on a work site due to faulty tools are a nightmare for workers, but can also be very expensive. Because of this, trade and repair businesses today have high expectations for reliability and durability of electrical tools. 

Prevent Inadvertent Equipment Start-up

E-T-A circuit breakers reliably protect professional tools in the event of an overload against damage caused by overheating. Many of our circuit breaker/switch combinations are also available with zero voltage release modules which prevents the device from inadvertent start-up when voltage is restored after a power failure.

The advantage of circuit breakers over fuses

Unlike fuses,  a circuit breaker can be reset immediately in the event of an overload which increases the work productivity and allowing workers to complete jobs quicker.

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Increase Equipment Availability

With tease-free and trip-free trip mechanisms, E-T-A thermal circuit breakers provide extremely reliable and robust interrupting capacity and ensure reduced downtime and increased longevity of professional tools.