Equipment Control

Circuit breakers address nuisance tripping and custom trip points for your power supply needs

Users don't have time to wait for you to replace a fuse

Durability, limited downtime and  reliability are the major requirements in equipment control today. End customers no longer tolerate any downtimes. E-T-A's circuit breakers disconnect overcurrents before they can cause any damage. Unlike blade fuses they can easily and quickly be reset afterwards. 

Customize your trip point

Nuisance tripping is addressed with E-T-A thermal circuit breakers designed for the Equipment Control industry. Custom trip points are available to meet your specific design requirements.

Power entry modules combine FOUR functions into ONE device

An IEC-compliant appliance inlet (C14 or C20), a line filter, a switch and resettable overcurrent protection.This will not only reduce material planning and inventory costs, but also significantly reduce mounting and installation costs.

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The circuit protection technology your equipment requires

E-T-A offers Thermal, Thermal Magnetic, Magnetic Hydraulic and Electronic technologies to provide the ideal solution for your application.

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