Power entry modules with integral circuit breakers

Highest flexibility in device design and cost savings at the same time 

E-T-A expands its product portfolio with five new power entry modules and thus covers all requirements for overcurrent protection in modern device design.

Find out about typical applications, benefits and the most important technical data for our power entry modules with the variants:

  • With integral resettable circuit breakers
  • With integral circuit breakers/switch combination
  • With circuit breakers and line filters

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Save components - already at the power input

Systematic reduction of components is a major reason for a successful cost-saving design.

Obvious, yet often overlooked: Already at the power input of a machine or device, the number of components used can be significantly reduced when using so-called power entry modules.

High-quality devices and machines are usually equipped with power entry plugs according to IEC 60320 on the power input side for AC current. Due to a separately required power cable with a coupling element and plug for the installation socket, this solution, in contrast to products with permanently installed power cables, is more expensive, but offers numerous advantages.

Typical applications:

  • Office
  • Metrology
  • Information technology
  • Medical equipment


Easy handling offers real benefits

Most of these devices are sold and used worldwide: Therefore, the power̈ supply lines must be adapted to country-specific conditions. In this case, this is easily done by enclosing different power cables with connection plugs for Germany, the United Kingdom or the USA.

It is also possible, e.g., to replace power supply cables̈ within seconds in the event of cable breaks. Time-consuming disconnection of old supply lines and connection of new ones is omitted.

For practical reasons, the power switches of devices and machines that the operating personnel have to switch on and off frequently, are usually placed at the front. In these cases, fuses with fuse holders are often used as overcurrent protection together with the power entry plug.

Make one out of five

Here, the number of individual components can also be reduced on the power input side. The solution here are power entry modules with integral resettable circuit breakers, i.e. purely resettable circuit breakers without on/off function. An example of this is the brand new XR38 E-T-A series.

E-T-A’s XR38 series power entry module combines a C14 inlet plug and a single or double pole resettable circuit breaker in a single component. The module thus replaces the IEC inlet plugs, fuses and fuse holders, that would otherwise have to be installed individually. In the case of a two-pole protection, this means replacing five components. Unlike fuses, the circuit breakers used here can also be easily, safely and conveniently switched on again after an overcurrent trip. Just one »click« is enough.

All benefits at a glance

  • Reduced assembly and wiring effort (up to 90 %)
  • Reduced planning and storage costs
  • High availability: The overcurrent circuit breaker can be easily, safely and quickly switched on again after tripping. Fuse replacement is eliminated.
  • High reliability: In the event of a fault, multipole circuit breakers always disconnect the circuit across all poles, thus preventing the risk of electrocution to the user of the device.
  • Reduction of costs for procurement, inventory management, disposal and service compared to solutions with fuses.