REX12D system - now available with enhanced functionality

Functional enhancement of the REX12D intelligent system

The REX12D intelligent system is ideally adapted to the requirements of machine construction and process control. The compact and modular design, the innovative connection technology and the great number of different devices provide a competitive edge over standard solutions to protect your DC 24 V power distribution.

By extending the functional scope of the REX12D system you are free to decide where to set your focus.

Standard version with status recording of 32 channels

In the standard version, the EM12D-TIO supply module communicates with now 32 channels instead of 16 channels. The status of the channels is transmitted to the superordinate IO link master.

Enhanced version with recording of measuring values and data analysis.

The extended version sets the focus on the recording of measuring values and on the analysis of these measuring data of 16 channels. By means of a cyclical transmission of the load currents, changes in the current consumption of individual loads can quickly be detected. This allows efficient control and maintenance and significantly cuts downtimes.