Intelligent DC24V power distribution and protection

CPC12 bus controller - unrivalled uptime in machine construction and process control

CPC12 ControlPlex®® in compact REX format: The CPC12 bus controller provides you with the ideal combination of transparency and compact design.

CPC12 – transparency through web server and fieldbus connection

The requirements of machine and plant construction regarding machine uptime and a consistently high production quality are increasing. Stable processes are based on a reliable and transparent DC24V protection and power distribution system. The REX12D system in combination with the CPC12 bus controller is exactly tailored this requirement. 

The modular power distribution system offers the following components:

  • EM12-T supply module
  • Intelligent CPC12  bus controller
  • double channel REX12D electronic circuit protector 
  • PM12 potential distribution modules

E-T-A’s CPC12 bus controller has a separate DC24V power supply. This allows independent supply of the circuit protectors. CPC12 records all status information and measuring values and visualises them by means of the internal web server. Via the field bus interface, the data are also made available to the superordinate control systems.


Your benefits:

  • Maximises plant and machine uptime through clear failure detection, high transparency and remote diagnosis
  • Saves space through the slim design of the circuit protectors and potential modules
  • Increases the flexibility of system planning through many different modules