Type XR38


The XR38 power entry module for circuit breakers with 3/8" thread neck combines up to 3 functions in one component: a C14 appliance inlet, a resettable overcurrent protection and a line filter. Appropriate line filters can be selected for the use in medical equipment applications according to IEC/EN60601-1.

You can choose between two standard versions: Standard version C with actuator guard (reset button protrudes from the module) and standard version D with actuator guard (reset button completely recessed). Thanks to screw mounting, the power entry module has a firm fit in the housing.

The power entry modules can be combined with 106, 1140, 2-5700, 1658 (only available in the USA) and 8330 circuit breakers.

Technical Data

Voltage rating

AC 250 V

Current ratings 10 A (IEC/EN)
Actuation push button
Terminal design blade terminals
Certificates Appliance inlet: VDE/TÜV, CSA, UL


  • Commercial kitchen appliances
  • Medical technology

Scopes of applications

  • Laboratory equipment
  • 3D printer


Datasheet & Explanations

Power Entry Module Brochure

Systematically reducing of components is a major reason for a successful cost-saving design. And what is more: Less individual parts increases overall reliability and usually provides additional space. E-T-A’s power entry modules combine up to 5 functions in a single component: a C14/C20 appliance inlet, resettable overcurrent protection, an ON/OFF switch, a line filter and add-on modules for undervoltage release, remote trip or auxiliary contacts. Unlike conventional standard modules with fuses, E-T-A’s power entry modules are fitted with a conveniently resettable circuit breaker. 

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