Type ESX60D

70 mm
12,4 mm


The ESX60 is a communicable electronic circuit protector. It is a component of the CPC20 ControlPlex®® system. This system consists of the CPC20 bus controller and the 18plus ControlPlex modules for power distribution and the ESX60D electronic circuit protectors.

The ESX60D is a smart electronic circuit protector. It offers active current limitation to enable protection also of capacitive and inductive loads. Despite its small width of only 12.5 mm, it provides two channels. The status per channel can be seen via an LED directly on the device. Additionally, the ESX60D transmits status and measuring values via the proprietary device ELBus® first to the CPC20 and from there to the superordinate control unit, as well as to Cloud applications. In particular, its parametrisability makes the ESX60D very flexible to use and enables flexible setting of its current ratings and parameters through the integrated web server or the connected programmable logic controllers. Thus, the user can import the relevant information regarding his DC 24 V voltage supply and process it accordingly.

Technical Data

operating voltage

DC 18 - 30 V

Voltage rating

DC 24 V

Current ratings 1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10
Load disconnection short circuit: typically 100 ms
overload: typically 3 s
Current limitation typically 1.4 x IN
typically 1.8 x IN
Signal output Digitally transmitted
Status indication 1 LED green/orange/red
Temperature range 0....+60 °C
Terminal design
Mounting method On module 18plus-CP
Certificates UL2367, UL508


  • Automation
  • Automobile production
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V


Datasheet & Explanations


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