Type ESX300-S minus

78 mm
Typ ESX300-S minus von E-T-A: Gewährleistet mittels elektr. Strombegrenzung und Lastabschaltung den sicheren Überstromschutz.


The hot pluggable ESX300-S minus electronic circuit protector ensures reliable overcurrent protection by means of electronic current limitation and load disconnection. It reliably prevents the destruction of electronic sub-assemblies or load lines in power supply systems in a voltage range of DC -48 V and DC -60 V. Thanks to a selective load disconnection, a voltage dip is prevented in the event of a failure and other faultless devices in the circuit remain working. The integral bus interface can forward the recorded measuring values and status messages to the RCI10 control interface to use them for automatically triggering actions or for data collection and monitoring. The electronic circuit protectors type ESX300-S minus are available in various current ratings from 2 A to 24 A. As an option, the current ratings 16 A, 20 A and 24 A can be connected in parallel to protect loads rated up to 60 A.

Technical Data

operating voltage DC -48 V and -60 V
Current ratings 2 A
5 A
8 A
12 A
16 A
20 A
24 A
Status LEDs red, green
Ambient temperature -20 °C...+55 °C without condensation see EN60204-1


Order number Description

withdrawal tool ESX300-S


Parallel connection of several ESX300-S for two ESX300-S


Parallel connection of several ESX300-S for three ESX300-S


  • Automation
  • Infrastructure & Signalling technology
  • Telecom & Datacom


Datasheet & Explanations


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