Type X8345R-S00-0584-2-03X30-(XX)-(X)-058208 - 2RU Power Management System


This 2RU power management system is designed to accommodate E-T-A type 8345 hydraulic-magnetic, UL 489 circuit breakers (1A - 125A configuration) with isolated A and B power regions for redundancy. The standard 19" mounting rack chassis design is available with mounting flange options for EIA 19", 23" and ETSI standard mounting. Input terminals accept common 2-hole compression lugs up to 2/0 cable. Output terminals accept common 2-hole compression lugs up to 2 AWG cable. The system allows for rear and side cable access for ease of installation. An optional slide rail kit is available for ETSI and 23" versions.

Technical Data

Mounting method racks
Circuit breaker type hydraulic-magnetic


Order number Description

Slide Rail Kit


  • Minus DC 28 V
  • Minus DC 400 V
  • Minus DC 48 V
  • Minus DC 72 V
  • Power-D-Box-Systems
  • Telecom & Datacom


Datasheet & Explanations

Power Management Solutions

Standard power mangement solutions for use in 19", 23" or ETSI standard rack sizes.