Type SVS16

185 mm
Typ SVS16 von E-T-A: Stromverteilungssystem SVS16-XX bietet selektiven Überstromschutz und Stromverteilung von Lastkreisen.


The power distribution system SVS16-XX provides selective overcurrent protection, power distribution in load circuits as well as switching and resetting of outputs.For integral consistent communication of operating and error conditions as well as switching and resetting of individual circuits on the DC 24 V level, the system is fitted with a fully featured PROFIBUS-DP interface.The track-mountable system has 8 (SVS16-XX-08) or 16 (SVS16-XX-16) slots and accommodates electronic circuit breakers type ESX10-125 (with reset input and status output) and ESX10-115 (with control input and status output) or the solid state remote power controller E-1048-7xx (with control input and status output).

Technical Data

Mounting method DIN rail
Circuit breaker type electronics


  • (Steel industry)
  • Automation
  • Automobile production
  • Chemical, Oil & Gas
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Pharmaceutical & Food
  • Power Engineering DC 24 V