Solutions for your safety

Durability Without Compromising Usability

Do you design equipment used in environments with dust, moisture or other penetrating liquids? If so, you are more than familiar with the IP rated PVC covers for switches and circuit breakers and the disadvantages that come along with them. E-T-A’s new IP65 Rated 3120-N circuit breaker switch with an integrated silicone seal will improve the quality of your design and also enhance the user experience for equipment operators.

  • Easy to actuate – even when the operator is wearing gloves
  • Protects both the actuator and the panel cutout from dust and liquid ingress
  • Resilient to environmental factors that cause discoloration or cracking over time
  • Unobstructed view of rocker position (ON or OFF)

Rocker Colors:

Without Illumination

With Illumination

Rocker Marking:



Technical Information:

Voltage AC 240 V, DC 50 V
Current Ratings 0.1 … 20 A (up to 30 A upon request)
Degree of Protection Operating area IP65
Mounting area IP65
Terminal area IP00