Introducing The Next Generation of the 3120

E-T-A presents the next generation of the 3120 circuit breaker switch combination. It's even easier and safer to operate and offers significantly improved water and dust protection.

The 3120 circuit breaker switch combination is a time and cost savings solution for equipment and machines. Well proven a million times over, the 3120 serves as an on off switch and also reliably disconnects over current. After tripping, the user can immediately reset the 3120 and resume operation. Switching the device is simple even with an actuator guard or when the user is wearing gloves.

The 3120 circuit breaker switch combination is available with an innovative seal for applications used in harsh environment conditions. The new seal is rated to IP65, even fine dust or water jets will not cause the device to fail or damage the equipment. The new improved push button version has large actuators. The buttons are easy to operate even when the user is wearing gloves or it is protected by a water smash cover. E-T-A's 3120 makes your product more reliable and cost effective, all while keeping safety a priority. 

3120-N Rocker Switch/Circuit Breaker:

3120-N Push-Button Switch/Circuit Breaker:



Technical Information:

Voltage AC 240 V, AC 415 V (2-pole up to 16 A only) DC 50 V
Voltage (Illuminated)     AC 115 V, AC 230 V, AC 400 V | DC 12 V, DC 24 V, DC 48 V 
Current Ratings  0.1...20 A
Mounting method     fast snap-in mounting
Terminals blade, screw or push-in