ESR10 Automotive Solid State Relay

The ESR10 micro is a compact and cutting edge automotive solid state relay. It's suitable for all vehicles, from passenger cars to utility vehicles, buses to construction machinery and agricultural vehicles. It's available at power levels up to 30 amperes, making it the most powerful ISO micro solid state relay on the market.

The ESR10 micro solid state design has no moving parts so contacts will not oxidize nor will they freeze up. Unlike traditional mechanical relays, the ESR10 micro offers wear free switching even on high inductive loads. E-T-A's ESR10 micro has a very low holding current reducing power consumption. This helps reduce CO2 emissions and reduces temperatures in the power distribution system compared to traditional relays. The ESR10 micro can switch up to 200 times per second, making it ideal for applications like controlling air conditioning compressors and pumps. It's noiseless switching operation makes the ESR10 micro the ideal solution when installing it into an existing onboard electrical system in the passenger cabin. Solid state relays have a much longer lifespan than mechanical relays with more than 1 million switching cycles. The ESR10 micro; compact, silent and reliable.

Voltage supply LINE+

System Voltage UBDC 12 V / DC 24 V
Operating voltage6...16 V / 10...32 V
Closed Current 1)  OFF8 μA

Load Circuit LOAD

Load Output MOSFET, high side switching (HSS)
Load Types resistive, inductive and capacitive
Protective Function short circuit proof, temperature disconnection (pulsing)
Current Rating IN 10A, 17A
Voltage Drop 1) UON 75 mV
Max. short circuit current 10A: 60 A (L/R = 3 ms)
17A: 100 A (L/R = 3 ms)

Control Input IN+

Control Voltage ON: 12 V: ±6...16 V; 24 V: ±10...32 V
OFF: 12 V: ±0...2 V; 24 V: ±0...4 V
Control Current 1) 2) 10 mA (at 13.5 V respectively 27 V) (derating see datasheet)
Switching Frequency  max. See datasheet
Rising Edge < 5 ms