Electronic Overcurrent Protection

Electronic overcurrent protection in DC 24 volt applications provides fast detections and resolution of overcurrent and short circuits. This significantly increases productivity.

Why are MCBs not able to trip reliably? MCBs with C characteristics only trip with at least 15 times rated current. Such a high current can not be provided by a switch mode power supply. Long cables and the resulting resistance values also limit the short circuit current. Only electronic solutions help solve this problem and offer effective protection. Electronic overcurrent protection responds faster to a short circuit without nuisance tripping. At the same time it limits the current and prevents overload and disconnection of the power supply. Only the faulty path is disconnected. All other loads remain fully functional. This makes troubleshooting much easier and faster.

These devices protect all types of loads, including remote control and signaling. In addition to versions with fixed current ratings, adjustable version are also available to optimize inventory management. The modular design of the electronic circuit breakers and protectors allows ideal specification to the application and to the number of elements being protected. It helps the user to save money. The switch mode power supplies are used much more efficiently. And voltage dips are prevented. Electronic overcurrent protection is your guarantee for the highest possible productivity.