Design Lighter & More Reliable Equipment

Are you looking for ways to design lighter and more reliable equipment?

E-T-A’s new MPR10 bistable mechanical power relay is specifically designed for switching high current loads and disconnecting the battery from on-board electrical systems in commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and special vehicles.  Installing the MPR10 into your vehicle will allow you to:

  • Reduce vehicle weight: The MPR10 is made of fiber-reinforced plastic and is 50% lighter than standard relays - making it the lightest water-proof and dust-proof relay on the market.
  • Increase vehicle reliability: The dielectric strength of the MPR10 makes it insusceptible to overvoltage peaks that commonly occur when switching inductive loads in an on-board electrical system - ultimately increasing the life of the relay and your equipment.
  • Easily replace existing relays: The MPR10 has the same mounting dimensions and connection technology as standard relay

Technical Information:

Relay TechnologyBistable
Rated VoltageDC 12/24V
Voltage Drop≤ 150 mV
Current Rating100/200/300A
Ampacity2 x IN 20s | 4 x IN 15s | 8 x IN 1s
Vibrationrms 57.9 m/s(6g)
Test according to ISO 16750-3; Chap.
ShockON-Position: 500 m/s2 (50g)
OFF-Position: 300 m/s2 (30g)
Test according to ISO 16750-3; Chap. 4.2.2
Typical Lifemechanically > 100,000
resistive > 50,000
Temperature Range-40 °C...+85 °C
Degree of ProtectionIP6k9k
Mass< 300g
Control InputPower <60W, pulse duration 50ms.. 1s

Want a Smart Power Relay?

E-T-A's HPR10 hybrid power relay with current and voltage monitoring and programmability.

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