ESR10 ISO Micro Solid State Relays

Does your transportation application require silent, high frequency electronic switching, durability and efficiency? If so, standard electro-mechanical relays are not the ideal solution. E-T-A’s new ESR10 Solid State Relays are:

  • Silent: Solid state technology eliminates in-vehicle switching noise
  • Fast: High frequency electronic switching (PWM compatible)
  • Durable: Wear-free design, with no mechanical parts, resistant to vibration and dust
  • Efficient: Low power consumption

Technical Information:

Voltage supply LINE+

System Voltage UBDC 12 V / DC 24 V
Operating voltage6...16 V / 10...32 V
Closed Current 1)  OFF8 μA

Load Circuit LOAD

Load Output MOSFET, high side switching (HSS)
Load Types resistive, inductive and capacitive
Protective Function short circuit proof, temperature disconnection (pulsing)
Current Rating IN 10A, 17A
Voltage Drop 1) UON 75 mV
Max. short circuit current 10A: 60 A (L/R = 3 ms)
17A: 100 A (L/R = 3 ms)

Control Input IN+

Control Voltage ON: 12 V: ±6...16 V; 24 V: ±10...32 V
OFF: 12 V: ±0...2 V; 24 V: ±0...4 V
Control Current 1) 2) 10 mA (at 13.5 V respectively 27 V) (derating see datasheet)
Switching Frequency  max. See datasheet
Rising Edge < 5 ms