Open up new possibilities in the power distribution area - with SCS® Smart Control Systems

What if you suddenly had even more options in vehicle planning?

What if there were new ways of load electrification? What if your ideas in the area of autonomous driving could be easily implemented?  

All this is now possible - because with our SCS® Smart Control Systems we have developed a solution that helps you master all previous challenges such as lack of component flexibility or missing diagnosis options. Intelligent power distribution systems help increase vehicle uptime and decrease costs.

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Increased availability

How can failures, damages and standstills be avoided - especially in vehicles with autonomous functions? By permanently monitoring and, if necessary, controlling and prioritising loads. For this purpose, all SCS modules are equipped with comprehensive diagnostic capabilities that enable a reliable load management. The collected data can also be used as basis for Predictive Maintenance and targeted trouble-shooting. Combined with the electronic load protection, which can be remotely reset, you can significantly increase the availability of your vehicles.

Reduced expenses

How can the total operating costs of a vehicle be reduced? Our Plug & Play solutions particularly help save wiring efforts and the associated costs. With the SCS, all functions are combined in a single component and the entire communication is done via the CAN bus, saving a lot of wiring and reducing mounting time to a minimum. This reduces material- , storage and personnel costs, as well as efforts and costs for services by pro-actively maintaining your vehicles by means of Condition Monitoring. 

Flexible integration

How can you master challenges such as limited installation space or harsh operating conditions? In the best case with components that can be flexibly installed. Our intelligent power distribution systems are compact components and only require little space. Valuable installation space in the driver's cabin or superstructure can be used otherwise. Thanks to ISO16750 and IP 67 degree of protection  the modules can also be mounted in places, where the vehicles is not protected against water or dust. And in case of changing requirements or the need for additional loads in your system, the SCS modules’ software can be scaled accordingly. In this way, your vehicles are equipped flexibly and ready for the future.

Electronic power distribution - A trend of the future

Vehicle architectures are becoming more and more complex and requirements and technical options are changing rapidly. A powerful and safe power distribution is particularly important for vehicles with autonomous functions. Our SCS product group helps you keep pace with these developments.

Compared to conventional power distribution systems, the SCS modules provide comprehensive monitoring and diagnosis options, which are particularly important for autonomous driving - after all, there is no driver in the vehicle to intervene if necessary or to reset the system.

You can already equip your vehicles for the future with purely electrical power distribution system such as our SCS. Unlike conventional power distribution systems, the SCS can be easily expanded as requirements increase.

We offer suitable standard modules for each of these different requirements. Furthermore, we can even design a customised solution upon request.


Intelligent power distribution system with comprehensive diagnosis capability

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An entry-level solution for smaller system architectures – performance and logic combined in one module

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All-in-one module for extensive system architectures performance and logic combined in one module

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