Discover the 3120-N Circuit Breaker/Switch Accessories

  • Plug-in Connector

    Plug-in Connector

    • Reduction of wiring time during final installation saves time and costs.
    • Breakers can be swapped quickly and easily

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  • Undervoltage Release Module

    Undervoltage Release Module

    • They reliably prevent personal injury through automatic re-start after voltage dip or power failure.
    • Undervoltage release modules are electrically connected to the main circuit. They can also be sup-plied with terminals separated from the main circuit if necessary. They allow easy and cost-effective safety circuits implememtation.

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  • Appliance Inlet Modules

    Appliance Inlet Modules

    • X3120-B combines three functions within a single component: A C14 appliance inlet, a rocker switch and resettable overcurrent protection
    • X3120-A combines four functions within a single component: An IEC inlet plug, an ON/OFF switch, resettable overcurrent protection and a line filter. 

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  • Magnetic Trip Module

    Magnetic Trip Module

    • The magnetic trip module trips the circuit breaker/switch combination at overload currents from four times rated current within milliseconds.

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  • Auxiliary Contact Module

    Auxiliary Contact Module

    • Auxiliary contact module serve as a cost-effective initiation of alarm or consecutive circuitries or for status indication of main contacts.

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  • Remote Trip Module

    Remote Trip Module

    •  Remote trip modules trip the circuit breaker/switch combination with an impulse signal.

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