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E-T-A Quality Policy

We will consistently design and deliver products that meet or exceed the requirements and expectation of our customers. We will comply with applicable requirements and strive to improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System.

Quality Strategy

E-T-A products make a vital contribution to the safe operation of equipment, frequently serving to protect human life as well. The achievement of the highest standards of safety and reliability is therefore a fundamental part of our corporate culture.

Today the competitive challenges we face are intensifying, both locally and from manufacturers from around the world. Product quality, fast delivery times, first class service and cost-effective pricing will be the differentiators which will ensure our competitive edge in the fast-moving global marketplace, both now and into the future.

Primary goal

Through our commitment to a zero-defect regime, we will maintain and even increase the quality-driven market leadership we have established in all the sectors of industry we serve.

Quality Assurance Timeline

In the early seventies our Quality Management System was structured around the AQAP1 standard, since which time numerous international standards and customer requirements have been integrated into our procedures. The following are just of few of the major milestones achieved, starting from our preparation for ISO 9001 recognition:

1989 - 2002:

  • 1989: E-T-A meets the requirements of the standard for power plants KTA 1401
  • 1992: E-T-A test laboratory accredited by DATech to EN 45001
  • 1993: Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001 by DQS
  • 1994: E-T-A test laboratory recognised for product testing to UL requirements
  • 2002: Process oriented Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001:2000
  • 2002: EX-approval for selected product groups

2003 - Today:

  • 2003: E-T-A test laboratory accredited by DATech to ISO 17025
  • 2003: E-T-A meets the requirements of the standard for power plants KTA 3507
  • 2003: Quality Management System approval extended to include EN 9100:2000
  • 2006: E-T-A meets the QM requirements for sub-contractors to the automotive industry to ISO TS 16949:2002
  • 2011: Quality Management System extended by EX certificate, category 2G, protection codes “i” and “m”
  • 2014: Introduction of Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • 2015: Introduction of Energy Management System ISO 50001

E-T-A Laboratory

At E-T-A even low-voltage devices, for which approvals are not relevant, are subject to strict qualification in accordance with international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for test laboratories. Our accreditation to this standard authorises us to test not only our own products but also those from other manufacturers, for compliance to the applicable EU directives and to issue a declaration of conformity. Alternatively our test evidence may be used to support applications to ALPHA (the German authority for testing and certification of low voltage devices) for a European LOVAG (Low Voltage Agreement Group) certificate.

Our test laboratory has also received a Certification of Qualification from Underwriters Laboratory Inc in the USA, the first German laboratory to be accredited for testing circuit breakers to UL standard 1077 and an important independent endorsement of our competence.

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