Agriculture Equipment

Rugged circuit breakers and power relays for harsh environmental conditions

Circuit protection and relays equipped for outdoor use

Components in agriculture equipment are often exposed to harsh conditions including dust, vibration and humidity. The components protecting and monitoring this equipment must be able to withstand even the most extreme  environmental factors.

Save your harvest by increasing equipment uptime

Technical defects can lead to very high breakdown costs and put the entire harvesting chain at a standstill. In the event of a failure where the the issue cannot be resolved, the time available for harvest  may be significantly affected. E-T-A's products can protect agricultural equipment against harmful overcurrents - and keep it running throughout the harvest season.

Featured Products:


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation


Automotive thermal circuit breaker,
colour-coded housing,
standard fuseblock mounting


Mechanical Power Relays


The electronic power relay for high continuous currents

ESR10 Micro 10 A / 17 A / 30 A

Electronic Standard Relay ESR10 Micro

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