E-T-A not only offers standard components, but also tailor-made innovative products and system solutions

Circuit protectors and solid state relays keep vehicles running

The »power train electrification« megatrend drives fast-paced changes in the architecture of on-board electrical systems. Hybrid and electrical drive concepts have higher demands for circuit protection solutions and relays. E-T-A specializes in these applications and designs solutions for the vehicles of tomorrow.

Protecting power outlets

Interface like the 12 V power outlet in a car are frequently protected by our circuit breakers to ensure reliable operation of peripheral devices.

Designing for the vehicles of the future

E-T-A fulfils the requirements of the automotive standards ISO 16750 and IATF 16949. Our solid state relays are a good example as are our 48V circuit protection products, which are already available. E-T-A engages with our customers to also design hybrid switchgear for up to 1,000 VDC.

A quiet ride with solid state relays

Our solid state relays switch silently so they can be installed in the passenger cabin and directly into the existing on-board electrical system. They fit directly into standard ISO Micro sockets and can replace mechanical relays in applications where they get too hot, consume too much power or fail prematurely due to excess mechanical strain.

Featured Products:


Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications


Automotive thermal circuit breaker,
colour-coded housing,
standard fuseblock mounting


Automotive thermal circuit breaker
with automatic reset function


Automotive thermal circuit breaker
with manual release option


Thermal automotive circuit breaker
with automatic reset function

ESR10 Micro 10 A / 17 A / 30 A

Electronic Standard Relay ESR10 Micro

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