Emergency Vehicles

Powerful products and customer-specific system solutions

Downtime is not an option

In an emergency there is no time for downtime. E-T-A features a variety of products like resettable automotive circuit breakers that replace ATO® and MINI® blade-type fuses, and solid state and power relays and CAN capable power distributions systems. You can have confidence that your emergency vehicle will be available for the next call.


Reliability when it really counts

ETA products have superior reliability in harsh environmental conditions. Even shock and vibration do not affect product performance. E-T-A products provide the confidence that the emergency vehicle and crew will be on the scene when they are needed.

Featured Products:


Mechanical Power Relays


Automotive thermal circuit breaker,
colour-coded housing,
standard fuseblock mounting


Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications

ESR10 Micro 10 A / 17 A / 30 A

Electronic Standard Relay ESR10 Micro


ETR10 the Electronic Timer Relay


The electronic power relay for high continuous currents


Hybrid power relay consisting of a bistable electro-mechanical switching system and integral electronic control unit


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation

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