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Intelligent power distribution, power relays and circuit breakers for protecting, switching and monitoring

In construction & forestry equipment, weather and other environmental influences such as dust, vibration and humidity play a huge role in the reliability of the equipment. Any components in these types of equipment must be able to withstand these harsh conditions, whether the machinery is used by private customers, service providers or rented. 

Preventative maintenance

In the field, unforeseen failures are always connected with high costs and risks. Comprehensive diagnostic data and a historical log allow early failure detection and the ability to do preventative maintenance and prevent standstills.

E-T-A’s CAN-capable products, particularly intelligent power distribution systems with current and voltage diagnosis, provide data back to the controller for preventive measures.

The evolution of smart technology

E-T-A products are on pace with the adoption of smart technology into construction and forestry equipment. Our products continue to move toward digitization with CAN bus capable components that communicate equipment status back to the controller. 

Increase equipment efficiency

The increase in electrical loads in construction and forestry equipment requires more installation space and power.

E-T-A's compact relays and power distribution systems allow for space savings and reduced wiring.  Circuit breakers and power distribution systems with integral load protection can easily be reset. This saves time and money spent trouble-shooting an issue.

Featured Products:


Mechanical Power Relays


Automotive thermal circuit breaker,
colour-coded housing,
standard fuseblock mounting


Single pole, thermal miniaturised circuit breaker designed for automotive applications

ESR10 Micro 10 A / 17 A / 30 A

Electronic Standard Relay ESR10 Micro


ETR10 the Electronic Timer Relay


The electronic power relay for high continuous currents


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation


Thermal circuit breaker with threadneck
mounting and push-pull actuation

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