Medical Equipment

Protecting – switching – monitoring medical equipment

Circuit breakers and appliance inlet modules for switching and protecting loads

Reliable electrical medical equipment and machines is the basic requirement for successful work in the operating rooms, on the wards, but also in the laboratories. Safety and quality must not be compromised. This is particularly true for protecting devices and machines from overcurrents.

E-T-A’s circuit breakers and appliance inlet modules reliably disconnect hazardous overcurrents. They help to increase the availability and overall life of medical equipment, and they also reliably protect doctors, nurses and patients against the hazards of overheated devices.

Improve uptime and increase equipment longevity

With tease-free and trip-free trip mechanisms, E-T-A thermal circuit breakers provide extremely reliable and robust interrupting capacity and ensure improved uptime and increased longevity of medical apparatus and equpment

Systematic reduction of components

In order to support Design Engineers with component reduction, E-T-A not only offers resettable breakers and circuit breaker/switch combinations for medical equipment, but also appliance inlet modules.

They combine up to four functions in a single component: an IEC-compliant appliance inlet (C14 or C20), a line filter, a switch and resettable overcurrent protection. This does not only reduce material planning and inventory costs, but also significantly reduces mounting and installation costs.

Medical Electrical Equipment Standard EN 60601-1

E-T-A Circit breakers meet top quality requirements. They carry international recognized approvals from VDE, UL, CCC and CSA and meet the Medical Electrical Equipment Standard EN 60601-1.

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