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Control Operating Requirements & Simplify Vehicle Control Circuitry

Are you looking for ways to simplify the circuitry in your vehicle, increase battery efficiency and customize the availability of critical loads after the body control module is powered down? E-T-A’s new ETR10 Programmable ISO Mini Solid State Relays offer:

  • Simplified circuitry: All-in-one timer relay with monitoring and control functionality reduces the number of connections in the circuit.
  • Efficiency: ON/OFF delay helps increase battery efficiency by activating loads at programmed times after the ignition process.
  • Flexibility: Engineers define the operating parameters that meet the needs of the vehicle and the vehicle operator.

Voltage supply LINE+

System Voltage UBDC 12 V / DC 24 V
Operating voltage9... 32 VDC
Closed Current 1)  OFF150 μA

Load Circuit LOAD

Load OutputMOSFET, high side switching (HSS)
Load Typesresistive, inductive and capacitive
Protective Functionshort circuit proof, overload protection temperature disconnection
Current Rating IN1... 30A
Voltage Drop 1) UON75 mV

Control Input IN+

Control VoltageON: 8.5…32 V DC
OFF: 0…5 V DC
Control Current 1)1…10 mA (8.5…32 V DC) 
Rising Edge< 5 ms