Type: 3120-F...-...M1...


Two pole rocker switch/thermal-magnetic circuit breaker with trip-free mechanism (S-type TM CBE to EN 60934). The addition of a magnetic tripping module to the type 3120 range described in catalogue section Thermal Overcurrent Circuit Breakers extends the choices available (thermal-magnetic protection in pole 1, thermal or no protection in pole 2). All are offered with rocker switch or push button control - two buttons for ON/OFF or one button press-to-reset only, in designs to suit one of three different panel cut-out sizes. Illumination is optional.

Approved to CBE standard EN 60934 (IEC 60934).

Meets the requirements regarding fire resistance of EN 60335-1 : 2007-02 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances.

Voltage rating
  • AC 240 V (50/60 Hz)
  • DC 50 V
Current ratings from 0.1 A until 16 A  
Number of poles double pole
single pole
Mounting method flange
Terminal design blade terminals
screw terminals
Actuation manual release
Auxiliary contacts without auxiliary contacts
Water splash protection with water splash protection
without water splash protection
Illumination with illumination
without illumination
Typical life 30,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive, single pole

50,000 operations at 1 x IN, inductive, double pole
Interrupting capacity Icn 0.1...2 A: 100 x IN

2.5...16 A: 250 A double pole or 150 A single pole
Certificates VDE, CSA, UL, CCC


Order number Description
X3120-S aux. contact module
X3120-M magnetic module
X3120-U undervoltage release module
X 221 619 01 water splash cover, transparent
X 222 143 01 translucent water splash cover
Y 303 068 01 insulated cover
Y 303 675 01 spacer for -F3/N3...
panel thickness < 2 mm
Y 303 675 02 spacer for -F3/N3...
panel thickness < 4 mm
Y 303 676 01 spacer for -F5/N5...
Y 303 862 01 terminal adapter
Y 303 885 31 blanking piece
Y 304 275 01 water splash cover black
Y 307 097 01 spacer


  • Automation
  • Household, Hobby & Garden Equipment
  • Medical technology
  • Telecom & Datacom


Datasheet & Explanations


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