Reduce Downtime Costs With the Push of a Button

As a panelbuilder, you are very familiar with blade or glass fuses as popular forms of circuit protection. Both types are inexpensive and easy to install in a control panel, however, these solutions have their drawbacks. When a fuse blows, it must be replaced. Costs arising from equipment damage or stoppage while searching for the correct replacement fuse can be expensive.

The new X1180 kit pairs E-T-A’s 1180 circuit breaker with the cost-effective 10Plus terminal block and:

  • Improves control panel protection with a minimal increase in investment compared to fuses
  • Reduces downtime costs by immediately resetting the circuit breaker
  • Physically isolates and disconnects circuits during maintenance, without having to remove anything
  • Provides an immediate indication of a faulty circuit via LED – making it easy to identify in a dark control cabinet

Technical Information

VoltageAC 250 V; DC 65 V
(UL, UL Canada; AC 250 V; DC 72 V)
Current Ratings0.1... 10A
Typical Life6,000 operations at 1 x IN (low inductance) 
3,000 operations at 1 x IN (inductive) 
500 operations at 2 x IN (inductive)
Ambient temperature -20...+60 ℃ (T 60)  -4... +140 ℉
Interrupting capacity (UL 1077)AC 250 V 2,000 A 
DC 72 V  2,000 A


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