New Product Announcement

Save Time & Production Cost + Design Flexibility with Push-in Terminal or Plug-In Connectors

E-T-A Circuit Breakers is pleased to announce the availability of two new connectors for its well-known 3120 circuit breaker product series - making E-T-A the first circuit breaker manufacturer to offer customers a circuit breaker/switch combination with push-in terminal (3120-PT) or plug-in (Y31214001) wire termination options when installing circuit protection into their designs. The new connectors will help:

Reduce installation time & production cost

  • Tool-free installation
  • Faster equipment wiring time

Add additional flexibility within your designs (plug-in version)

  • Pre-wire the connector into a wire harness
  • Quickly replace a circuit breaker with minimal disruption to the harness assembly

Connector Types

Push-In Terminal Connector

  • Sold as a single component with the appropriate 3120 configurations. (PT specified in terminal confiuration of 3120 part number)
  • Designed for solid wire or wire ferrules, on stranded wire, for correct connection.
  • When the wire is pushed in, the contact spring opens automatically and provides the required force for a secure connection – 100% protected against brush contact.
  • In the event the circuit breaker needs to be replaced, the wires are easily released with a standard screw driver.

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Plug-In Connector

  • Sold as an accessory part for the 3120 (part number Y31214001)
  • Touch-safe connection
  • Two retaining clips ensure a tight connection between the plug-in connector harness (Y31214001)and the 3120 circuit breaker.
  • The connector accommodates many 0.250 quick connects available on the market today including: Stocko RSB 7916 F6,3-1, Klaucke Type 2730, Vogt Type 3832d.67, TE FASTON Terminals 250 Series and Delphi Packard 58 Series.

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