Say Goodbye to Spare Fuses

The 1115 is a compact circuit breaker designed to fit into standard fuse holder cut out makes it the ideal replacement of panel mounted fuses commonly used in the market today.  It has all necessary domestic and international approvals and is available through stocking distributors to ensure fast delivery at a competitive price.

It is the ideal solution for the protection of power tools, floor care machines, beverage dispensing, sterilization equipment exercise and medical mobility equipment, transformers, battery chargers, power strips, office equipment and various household appliances.

Rated voltage AC 250 V; DC 32 V
Current rating range 1...16 A
Typical life 500 operations at 1.5 times rated current, resistive load, AC 125 V, 50 operations at 2 times rated current, inductive load, AC 250 V
Rupture capacity UL1077 1.000 A (C, 1), AC 250 V 200 A (C, 1), DC 32 V, EN 60934 500 A (INC1), AC 250 V
Ambient temperature -20°C … + 60°C
Vibration 57 Hz acceleration 30m/s2 (3g) in X, Y, Z directions (twice/min.)
Shock 300m/s2 (30g) in X, Y, Z directions
Mass approx. 8g
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