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Type: ESX300-S


The electronic circuit protector ESX300-S has been designed for protection and monitoring systems in telecommunications. Focus application of this device is the minus switching of loads widely used in telecommunications in power supply systems with rated voltage DC -48 V and DC -60 V. The additionally available overcurrent protection, realised by means of electronic current limitation and electronic disconnection, reliably prevents the destruction of electronic sub-assemblies or load lines by overload or short circuit. In addition, the electronic current limitation helps to prevent high currents flowing in the event of a short circuit, which could cause undesired voltage dips and lead to system crashes.

Technical Data

Voltage rating DC -48 V and -60 V
Voltage rating
Rated voltage 2 A
5 A
8 A
12 A
16 A
Temperature range



  • Telecom & Datacom