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Compact and Robust Electronic Power Relay Saves Space & Reduces Maintenance Costs

Does your existing or new vehicle design have limited space, require high current switching and have tolerance to environmental factors? If so, standard solid state and mechanical relays are not the ideal solution. E-T-A's new EPR10 electronic solid state power relay, designed specifically for special vehicles, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery, are:

  • Compact: 80% smaller package size than conventional solid state relays
  • Robust: Sealed circuitry (IP57 rated) protects the device from harmful environmental factors (dust, humidity) that reduces maintenance costs.
  • Cost effective: Eliminate the need for heat sinks used in solid state relays and the protected version (EPR10-P) eliminates the need for blade fuses.

The EPR10-P version is a protective relay that monitors the current and thermal load and can interrupt the circuit and provide a fault signal.

Why is a heat sink not required in an EPR10?

The idea behind the EPR10 design was to create as little heat as possible in the first place instead of dissipating it later. Up to eight power semi-conductors help keep internal resistance very low (see picture). Heat dissipation is reduced and can be done via the connecting cables making a heat sink, found in conventional solid state relays, unnecessary.

Technical Information

Number of Poles1-pole
Signal OutputsReverse polarity protection without Switch type "low side switch”
Voltage 0 ... 32 V DC
Max. leakage current 20 µA
Max. load current 2 A
Terminal Design

M8 studs

Control circuit:
Tyco HDSCS 3-pole part number 1-1418448-1
Pin assignment:
1 = GND (chassis)
2 = SF (output group fault)
3 = IN (control input)

Voltage Rating of LoadDC 12 V/ DC 24 V
DC 24 V
ApprovalsE1 (KBA)