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The electronic circuit breaker type ESS31-T is the first track-mountable device to combine the benefits of a mechanical circuit breaker with electronic overcurrent protection. Thus it is the only track-mountable electronic circuit breaker for equipment protection which fully meets the requirements of the national and international standards. International approvals ensure planning reliability:
Type ESS31-T is the first mechatronic circuit breaker for rail mounting which has universally been approved. Around the globe it ensures certified protection of equipment in a control cabinet and of components in the field without having to change anything about the electrical design.

  • Approved to UL 1077 as a "Supplementary Protector" for the North American market
  • Approved to EN / IEC 60934 for Europe and the rest of the world

Deliveries to North America:
Important information for all manufacturers delivering their machinery and systems from Europe to North America. Use of UL-approved components is imperative according to UL508A. Typical applications:
DC24V applications in car production, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, power plants, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical and foodstuffs industry, steel production, automation.and process control The benefits of ESS31-T at a glance:

  • International approvals ensure planning reliability
  • Small, compact, track-mountable
  • Ease of protection design with active current limitation helps to save time in the planning stage
  • Enhanced system availability because only the faulty path will be disconnected in the event of a failure, the control voltage will remain stable
  • Ease of trouble-shooting: no residual current, no residual voltage, no feedback possible - Off is off is off.

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